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Character Application, Equestria Crossing by ClydeSketch Character Application, Equestria Crossing by ClydeSketch
Likes: Waffles, Cookies, Animals, Art, Socialization, Games, and Parties.
Dislikes: Spinach, Competition, fighting (verbal), and Rude Behavior
Personality:  Clyde is a happy go lucky sort of pony.  Though he is easily frightened, he enjoys the idea of going on adventures.
Around others who he may not know, or he idolizes, he becomes shy, unable to speak at all; though through hard work and determination, he will eventually open up to just about anypony. After he opens himself up, he may never stop talking.
Special Talent: His talent is art. He sells his paintings for bits to make a living, however, he doesn't make much, leaving him desperate for bits at times.
When Clyde was small he lived in Manehatten with his family which consisted of his parents, his brother, and his sister. Clyde was often put down by his parents and siblings but never was bothered by it, knowing that one day they will be gone.

Clyde never had any friends in Manehatten, fearful of ridicule. He was the shy, quiet pony in the back of the class. Occasionally he was made fun of at school, ponies grabbing his books and mocking his doodles.

He was enrolled in the Manehatten Elementary School for 3 years. He discovered his artistic talent and earned his cutie mark rather quickly compared to other ponies in his grade. He kept it a secret from his family, hiding his cutie mark with clothes and other things that would not be suspicious knowing that if anyone knew then they would taunt him for his "sissy mark".

Clyde's family finally discovered his cutie mark after the school called his home reporting a fight between him and another pony at school involving his cutie mark. He was forced to explain his cutie mark and was immediately insulted and shunned as expected. The fight was ignored by his family being simply thrown aside as a small scuffle regardless of the large cut on Clyde's face.

After endless harassment and mistreatment, Clyde packed the few possessions he had in his torn school saddlebag. He climbed out of the window in the basement of his home, making no sound as he fled. Clyde's disappearance was never reported and forgotten quickly. Not a single pony in his school noticed him no longer attending.

Clyde traveled for a long time, eventually making his way into Ponyville where he was greeted by Pinkie Pie. He tried to find a place to stay but nowhere would accept him without any bits to pay for rent, so for his first few days he slept on a park bench. Clyde wondered if he could at least get an education in Ponyville and began to seek the Ponyville Schoolhouse. 

Clyde attended classes unnoticed by other students, sitting quietly and alone in the back of the room. During the time Clyde was not in school he practiced his art, doodling in his sketchbook. Once while practicing alone he was attacked by a mare Pegasus pony who was attending the Ponyville Schoolhouse however was in a different class, her weapon of choice was a barrage of questions as she examined Clyde. Soon the two became best friends, spending recess together and all of their time after school together. Sometimes the mare would bring Clyde food, and a blanket.

As time went on, their friendship grew, however Clyde never actually knew the mare's name. He learned one day in an awkward conversation that this mare is called Fyre Flash. Eventually Fyre dropped out of school after personal problems prevented her from continuing, though they still played together during any time Clyde could meet up with her outside.

Eventually Clyde graduated the Ponyville Schoolhouse, achieving straight A's throughout his final year. Fyre began to change and so did Clyde, both beginning that time where they started checking out other ponies. Fyre developed feelings for Clyde, however Clyde couldn't see them being more than friends. Fyre's persistence when flirting with Clyde and asking him out pushed them away from each other, causing Clyde to become rather nervous around mares and cautious around Fyre.

Shortly after Fyre discovered her talent, Clyde and Fyre began a photography business. Though not much is made from it, it is enough to maintain a home for Clyde as well as afford food.

Now Clyde is 16 years old, living on his own home and selling pictures of Fyre and him with other ponies. Clyde occasionally goes out exploring but often hides away in his home drawing. 
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